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Boobie Bar

Pumping Petals

Pumping Petals

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When to use hot: before and after pumping, increasing milk supply, experiencing slow let-down, plugged ducts, milk blister (a bleb), mastitis, and general soreness and tension. When to use cold: Engorged breasts, tired eyes, and pain and swelling on any body part. Improves Milk Removal to Boost Supply* Warming the breast flange while pumping decreases the time to remove milk and increases the percentage of available milk removed*. Super Convenient Heat in as little as 10 seconds or freeze it to relieve pain and swelling. Snap-apart Design Adjustable to fit any breast pump flange, breast, or body part to deliver warm and cool relief. Multipurpose Petals are designed to use hot or cold. Heat petals to use on your abdomen for period cramps. Freeze petals to treat all your (or your kiddos) boo-boos. Sustainable Designed for #momlife. Reuse hot or cold. No limit on usage. Non-toxic, BPA + BPS-free.

What's Included 1 Set (2 petals) per box. 

CAUTION: Contents may be hot when removed

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